Shaping the Future

Since 2008

Multidisciplinary Teams

We are your Backbone


The ideal solution for your house project.


We do all kinds of work in masonry, foundations, pillars, etc.


We’re able to create water, electricity and communication networks in your project.


We applied interior and exterior finishes on its differents forms and shapes.

Public Contracts
  • Requalifications

  • Urban Rehabilitation

  • Floorings

    Rocks, Ornamental flooring

  • Leisure Areas

    Gardens, etc

  • Grid Infrastructures

    Water, sanitation, Security against fire, ITED, etc

Particular Projects
  • Administrative Buildings

  • Industrial Buildings

  • Construction of Buildings

    Single-family Residences, Multi-family Buildings, Commerce and Services spaces

Building Comfort
since ’92

We – SCAB – deliver  a construction global service currently with an industrial license of Construction and Public Works of class number 7 (works up to € 10,624,000.00).

We are responsible for a variety jobs such as residential and commercial buildings, industrial warehouses, large-scale renovations, housing, industrial parks and earthmoving.

Our main works executed / running are essentially in Vila Nova de Gaia (the company headquarters of the municipality) but also in the municipality of Espinho, Santa Maria de Feira, São João da Madeira, Ovar, Matosinhos and Porto. The secret of our success is the expertise associated with the highest standards of quality, honesty, transparency and know-how accumulated over the years of activity.

Currently we belong to the group of the biggest 500 PMEs (small and medium enterprises) in the country and we are PME Leader since 2008.

Safety Practices

Safety Practices

In SCAB security is central issue and our security department aims to prevent and eliminate risks, to provide workers better working conditions.

  • We have a great security and hygiene department, that is responsible for all necessary support, protection and safety of all workers;
  • All works have safety & health plan;
  • All safety equipment is purchased whenever necessary to cover potential and possible risks in the execution of work;